Advance Music, searching for products help

There are three ways in wich to locate products within the Advance Music on-line shop:

  1. Category searching (done from the cateogires menu on the left of your screen, or via the menu running accross the top of your screen)
  2. Quick Search (based on the product name. The quick search box is located in the top left of your screen, below the Advance Music logo)
  3. Advanced Search (carry out advance searches on a number of different search values)

Category Searching:

This search is the most simple of searches. Select the desired category from the menu at the top of the screen (hyperlinks indicate the category) after rolling your cursor over the 'Browse all products' text.

This image show the how Categories are accessed by moving your cursor over the 'Browse all Products' menu option to reveal a drop down menu to reveal our available categories. 

Once you have selected a category, a search page is displayed showing you a default search. You can then use hyperlinks to specify particular ranges within your chosen Category as shown in the image below.

This image shows the ranges available after selecting 'Books' from the 'Browse all Products' drop down menu.


Quick Searching:

TThis is done by entering the product name or part of it in the quick search box. This is found in the top right hand corner of your screen below 'Your basket' . Type in a word you would like to search for and click go. A new page will then be displayed to you, this will show you any products that match your search results. Simply click on the icon or product name to view its details.

This image shows our quick search control looks like this, it is located in the top right hand side of your screen

Advanced Search:

The advanced searching screen is the most effecient way to search for a product. It allows you to enter as much or as little search information as you desire. NB the more search information you provide the more accurate your search results will be. You can choose to mix and match your search values or you can search based on just one field. Please note that you will have to provide some search information as our shop stock is so vast we cannot display you with all our products in one search.

The advanced search panel provides you with a category drop down list, group drop down list, an area to enter the products order code or ISBN, a text box where you can provide the product name and finally a text box allowing you to search for products based on their descriptive overview.

The advanced search panel looks like this, note the available options. You can provide as little or as much search criteria as you wish

A category drop down list is available for you to select the category you believe your product will be found under. Once you have done this, you will have the option to select a group in which your product may be found under. Please note you do not have to select a category or group to carry out a search. The group drop down list only provides you with a selection of groups that are found within your selected category. This ensures you results will only bring back products found within that cateogry and group.

The product name can also be entered. You do not have to provide the full name, you may enter only part of the name if you wish.

The code / isbn allows you to search for products using their order code or ISBN (if known). If you have the order code or ISBN this is the most accurate and efficient way to search for a product.

The product overview text can be used to search for a product. This allows you to search for part of the overview description of a product. This gives you the widest scope possible when searching for products as you can often supply descriptive text as opposed to product names.